Prayer & Preparation

About Prayer & Preparation

Prayer & Preparation is a one-day Seminar for unmarried women who want to be married. This seminar was birthed from the unexpected loss of a long-term relationship and a word from the Lord that came to Ms. Edlin soon thereafter saying, "Prepare yourself for marriage." That journey and the Biblical keys for how to prepare to be a wife -- and how to know he has prepared to be a husband -- are shared during this life-changing seminar

Some of the questions answered are:

- How do I know if I'm supposed to believe for a husband?
- How do I know if I'm called to be single?
- Where are all the good men?
- What's wrong with me?
- Is it too late for me?
- How will I know he's the one?
- How do you prepare to be a wife?
- Am I waiting because I did something wrong?
- Is there a Biblical reason for marriage?
- Why can't I just live with someone and still be blessed?
- Does the Bible say I'm supposed to do something while I'm waiting?
- Is there a guarantee for a successful and prosperous marriage?

The Seminar

The life-changing material shared in this seminar will not only empower you during the wait, it will show you how to develop a personal plan of preparation while breathing life into any hopeless expectations for your future.

Prayer & Preparation | An RTL Ventures program